Conservative MPs consulted widely with Canadians on how the Liberals plan to change the way we vote.

We made those consultations a priority, mailing tens of thousands of Canadians directly to ask them how they want input on any proposed changes.

Unsurprisingly, 90% of those we asked said they wanted a vote on any changes to the democracy that has served us well for 150 years.

And the Liberals? They claim they held small meetings across the country. But we know now what some of those actually looked like:

  • Only 15 residents attended one of these meetings in Nunavut. Not only was it not scheduled well but it lacked proper translation for everyone to participate. One resident called the Minister’s visit “disappointing.”
  • A stop in Yellowknife had an audience of only 20. Residents said the sessions appeared more “self-serving rather than authentic.”

That’s just some of what we’ve heard about from the media.

Furthermore, the Minister that Justin Trudeau put in charge of changing all of Canada’s democracy held one quarter of her consultations in her own riding.

Toronto - Canada's biggest city - got one small town hall meeting. Many rural communities across the country have been ignored. Yet the Minister's own riding got seven.

While the Minister has yet to share her "nationwide" consultation data, we’ve made the results from our mail campaign fully public, attached a detailed report, and any Canadian can now go read it.

The Prime Minister must be honest with voters about his intentions on democratic reform.