The Liberals are still failing to take electoral reform seriously!

As you now know, Democratic Reform Minister Maryam Monsef held a quarter of her “national” consultations in her own riding.

Now, we’ve learned Justin Trudeau is playing his own political games.

Last month, Trudeau quietly held a town hall in his own riding. But why are we just finding out about it now?

Evidence of the meeting was under wraps. There were no public mentions of the meeting. Even the daily itinerary provided to reporters neglected to mention it on his schedule! Was this done so Trudeau could stack the room? Was he hoping the results he was looking for would be guaranteed? Now, thanks to a summary report submitted to the committee, some details have emerged. Comments from those who attended include a proposal “that parties no longer exist.” Another wants to impose “fiscal penalties” against those who don’t vote. When the topic about whether a referendum would happen came up.… no answer was given.

Only our party is consulting seriously with Canadians on this issue. We've heard from tens of thousands of voters. 90% of which say they want to be heard when it comes to electoral reform. Canadians deserve to have a voice in their own democracy.