Over the summer and early fall, Conservative MPs consulted with Canadians on Liberal changes to our elections and to our democracy. We knew our process of mailing Canadians directly, would engage many more people than the government’s town hall meetings.

More than 81,000 Canadians from 59 electoral districts took the time to respond to surveys sent to them by their Conservative MP! Canadians who responded voted overwhelmingly in support of a referendum. As of Thursday October 13, 2016, just over 90% of respondents, 73,740 of 81,389 Canadians, told us they wanted a referendum.

The response rate to this mail-out was four to five times higher than what we would expect to see from a typical mail-out. The results of this consultation speak for themselves. Regardless of what province they lived in, or whether they were rural or urban voters, respondents to our surveys voted overwhelmingly in favour of a referendum. Support for a referendum across Canada has been shown to be both broad and persistent. The response to our surveys simply follows what we’ve come to expect from the multiple public opinion polls showing Canadians want the final decision on any new voting system.

Between February 9, 2016 and September 28, 2016, public opinion polling firms Ipsos, Insights West, Forum Research, and EKOS Research all released polls showing that consistent majorities of Canadians, ranging as high as 73%, think that a national referendum is necessary before changing how Canadians elect their MPs. Six of eight such polls show that a majority of Canadians in every province think that any change to how MPs are elected should be put to a referendum. Five of eight show that between 65% and 73% of Canadians support a referendum at the national level.

Support for a referendum is consistent across genders and age groups, and while it is true that support for a referendum is higher among Conservative supporters than among supporters of the NDP and Liberals, a clear majority of supporters of both parties also support a referendum.

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