You’ll actually have to watch this to believe it:

Yes, that is a real clip. It is democratic reform “expert” Dennis Pilon making the case for changing our electoral system without giving Canadians a say.

According to him, regular Canadians are too “ignorant” to have an opinion on the issue.

He thinks demanding a referendum shows a “sense of entitlement”.

Surely the Liberals will condemn these incredibly pretentious and outright false accusations, right?

Wrong – they think “he’s doing a great job!”

This is what the Liberals think of ordinary Canadians who want a say in how they elect their governments.

They’d rather unilaterally change the meaning of your vote and they’d rather do it without ever being held accountable. They have a fixed outcome they want and it’s one that only benefits Liberal politicians.

As this clip shows, and the Liberal cheerleading of it, they want us all to take our opinions and just go away so they can do whatever they want.

But we’re not going away.

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