Liberals claim to have a mandate to change our electoral system without a referendum on the issue because they won the last election.

In reality, they believe a one-line, vague platform promise that offered no details represents the full consent of more than 17 million Canadians to completely change our system.

Simply put, if you’re going to change the rules of Canada’s democracy, every Canadian deserves a say.

Even if you buy into the faulty idea that the Liberals’ election win gives them carte blanche to run wild with our electoral system, consider voters’ intentions: the CBC and Forum Research did polls, and found that the number of people that identified “democratic reform” as an “important” issue in deciding their vote barely registered.

The Prime Minister doesn’t believe he needs the consent of Canadians to change what our vote means because he thinks Liberals know better than everyone else. If you call yourself a supporter of democracy, then you believe in voting on an issue as fundamental as this. Demand a referendum!