Rarely do you see as broad a consensus in the media as this - The National Post, Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and Postmedia Network have all penned editorials calling for a national vote on this important issue:

Toronto Star

Referendums on voting change have already been held in three provinces, setting a precedent of sorts. All failed, and some reformers are so hell-bent on dumping first-past-the-post that they are urging the Liberals to be “brave” and move ahead on their own hook. That makes no sense. The lesson of past referendums cannot be that the people are too blind or foolish to see the light; it must be that those who want change have to do a better job of persuasion. - Source -

Sun Media

The opposition is mounting to the Liberal government’s electoral reform plans. Sooner or later, they’re going to have to give in and call a referendum. It’s the only politically sensible option. It’s the right one, too. - Source -

The Globe and Mail

Mr. Trudeau is mistaken in arguing that a change to the foundation of Canadian democracy can be treated as just a regular piece of legislation. He cannot seriously believe that a promised special parliamentary committee on electoral reform, its government members drawn from a House where MPs have traditionally taken daily dictation from their party leader, will really be independent and non-partisan. Nor can any member of the government assert with a straight face that euphemistically “consulting” the people is the same as actually consulting them democratically, with a vote. That’s just politics as usual, isn’t it? - Source -

Postmedia Network

It seems sensible that Canadian voters should have the final say on something as fundamental to their democracy as the manner in which they elect their political representatives. And yet, in recent days, Trudeau and Liberal House Leader Dominic LeBlanc have rejected mounting calls for a referendum on any future changes to the electoral process. - Source -